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Stanley Park - Part 5: Miles of Trails Through the Old Growth Rain Forest
By:Sarah in Vancouver
Date: 4 August 2015

Stanley Park is crisscrossed by beautiful trails (link to Google Maps, Stanley Park). The pictures below were taken on a sunny day at the end of May. The leaves were still young and semi transparent under the sun, highlighting the many hues of green of this beautiful old growth forest.

Near Lost Lagoon, the board walk at the beginnning of Cathedral Trail:

The beginning of Cathedral Trail:

My favorite: Bridle Trail

Shelter at the corner of Bridle Trail and Lake Trail:

At the corner of Bridle Trail and Lake Trail, we see the pedestrian and equestrian bridge over Highway 1, leading to Beaver Lake via Lake Trail:

Corner of Bridle Trail and Thompson Trail:

South Creek Trail:

Small wood bridge on Ravine Trail, near Beaver Lake:

A happy-looking crow on a stump (center):

The remaining photos are hues and hues of Spring green: