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San Elijo Camp, Cardiff-by-the-Sea (North of San Diego)
By:Sarah in California
Date: 21 April 2013

These pictures were taken at the top of the bluff at the San Elijo State Beach Campgrounds on Highway 101, North of San Diego.

The parking lot itself is quite spectacular (my bike - extreme left - is very happy there, could live there...)

Terrace of the Bull Taco snack bar (has to be one of the nicest snack bar terraces in the whole world):

Could not resist adding this photo of the campground store because their logo is so nice:

View from the first camp site (looking North):

Same view, but closer to the edge:

Looking straight West, two surfers:

Same view, with more bluff:

View of the Coast towards the South with close-up on the bluff:

Regarding the bluff, the campground has a sign with the following message (including interesting facts about the ground squirrels): Stay off of the bluffs!!

The coastal bluffs in this region were formed by the accumulation of mineral and organic sediments laid down by the Pacific Ocean during the last ice age. In more recent times, the ocean level has receded, leaving the sedimentary deposits exposed in elevated marine terraces. Once exposed, these terraces were eroded along the seaward margins leaving the steep coastal bluffs present in the park today. This natural erosion continues today, and is aggravated by human and rodent activity on the bluff.

Short cuts up and down the face of the bluffs by park visitors and the burrowing by ground squirrels are very destructive and contribute in a major way to the loss of bluff vegetation and soils. Areas lacking in vegetation are the most susceptible to erosion. A key factor in the bluff stabilization work begun recently is to reduce human and rodent activities affecting the bluffs, and to repair damaged bluff areas with planting and other measures. Please help in this effor by staying off of the bluffs.

The wooden staircase:

Notice the nice artwork on the floor of the landing?

Top of the staircase, just beside the terrace of the Bull Taco: