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Halloween Ghost Train of Stanley Park - Part II: The Area in Front of the Departure Gates
By:Sarah in Vancouver
Date: 8 October 2012

A great place for kids and their parents, for lovers, for seniors - the "Inner Child" of everybody is happy here:

Follow this sign in the dark that says "Haunted Cafe" (on the left) and after a some 100 feet of a charming path, your Inner Child will see the Cafe and ask for something irresistible: a hot dog that will complete your return to the mental space of childhood for some delicious ketchup and mustard dripping minutes.

On the left: Organic Popcorn shack, and on the right, something to please everybody on a fresh evening: Delicious hot apple cider, hot chocolate, soup, coffee, etc.

The small pavilions are well decorated:

Lots of lights along the paths:

Look at those creatures....

Can't resist adding photos of those purple lights:

Kids like to have their picture taken here, of course:

The Ticket pavilion is very photogenic at night: