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California: The Rock Store, a famous biker hangout on Mulholland Hwy (in the hills behind Malibu)
By:Sarah in Malibu
Date: 13 August 2010

The Rock Store: Restaurant (great breakfasts) and bar open
on weekend days. The store itself, viewed from the restaurant:

The store and the lower-level restaurant (there is a
restaurant on the upper level as well, with terrace):

Bikes parked along Mulholland Hwy when the parking
lot is full (which, on sunny days, is most of the time):

More bikes:

Riders of all ages, many baby boomers. I have seen old riders
who can HARDLY walk, but they rock once they sit on their bike
and kick the first gear down [I blurred some faces for privacy]:

Terrace of the upper level, at night: An informal, relaxing place
and a great stop after a ride in the dark under the full moon.

Same terrace, day time. A welcome moment after riding hours on a hot day:

In the hills behind Malibu (see red marker "A"), a little hard to find the first time:

A specially nice-looking BMW: