Managing a Spiritualist Center

Ministry Ideas for Community Outreach Events
By:Linda Margison

Ministering to others means reaching out to people in need through acts of unconditional love. Outreach includes going into the community and providing opportunities to address physical, emotional or spiritual needs. This could manifest itself through a community picnic or yard sale, educational workshops in finances or other family concerns, family fun and games night or adopting a business or group to which you can minister with food and treats. Whatever your choice, the basis of all your outreach should be love and kindness.

Community Event
Get your church members together and host a yard sale or block party for the entire community. Allow people to have their own booths where they can sell goods or unwanted items from their closets. Get donations of food for the block party and give it away free. Don't pressure those attending. People today may be skeptical when others offer kindness to them, so combat that skepticism by offering the opportunity for fun, sharing, food and eliminating household clutter, all with no strings attached.

Educational Workshops
When people are burdened by mental, emotional and financial pressures, set up workshops that teach them to budget and handle finances, or cope with divorce, or deal with a child who has autism. If you minister to these needs, they may be more open for you to minister to their spiritual needs. Offer the workshops free or provide scholarships for those who cannot afford resources, but need to hear the messages.

Fun Night
Tough economical times may prevent families from going out and having fun together. Offer a free family fun and games night at your church. Get food and monetary donations for food and set up several stations with different types of games. Offer a family movie night with discussion afterward. Families will be able to connect in a positive way by spending time together and with other families. This can create stronger relationships within the church and lead families to seek out the church for further ministering and spiritual guidance.

Business Adoption
Recruit people in your congregation who have a desire to minister to businesspeople in the community. Split these people into groups and select businesses with positive practices. Have the groups visit their businesses with treats, reading material, gifts and any other offerings of love that build rapport and relationships with people at the companies. Be courteous and clear your ministry with management to ensure your visit will be welcomed. Leave time to talk with employees if they have spiritual questions. Offer to take the person to dinner or a cup of coffee if their discussion offers the opportunity for deeper conversation. Be a bright light in the lives of the employees.