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Children's Outreach Ideas
By:Sarah Badger

If you belong to a church ministry, service organization or other nonprofit group, you can reach out to children in your community through safe, exciting activities and family-friendly events. Whether your primary children's outreach goals are social, educational or a little bit of both, these fun outreach ideas can help promote community involvement and interaction.

Seasonal Festivals
Celebrate each season with a special festival just for kids in your community. Hold festivals outside if weather permits, or find a large indoor space to set up booths. Autumn festivals might include bobbing for apples, a pumpkin carving station and leaf crafts. For a spring festival, give kids seed packets and show them gardening techniques. Provide entertainment with puppet shows, magic acts and live bands. Invite local service and non-profit organizations to set up informational booths for parents during your event.

Ice Cream Social
To encourage families in your neighborhood to get to know each other, consider hosting an open ice cream social for kids and their parents. You might also have a social after an educational event at a community center, church or school. Choose a venue with a freezer to keep your ice cream from melting before the social begins. Set up a table with different ice cream flavors and toppings such as whipped cream, cherries, syrup and sprinkles. Help kids create their own sundaes to enjoy with new friends.

Culture Days
Organize a series of culture days for kids to promote diversity and cross-cultural understanding. Ask representatives of different nations and ethnic regions to come give informative presentations about their culture. You might serve a special dish, play music and teach a traditional dance from the represented culture. Instead of inviting outside educational speakers, you could even ask kids to each take turns sharing about the traditions of ther own cultural or ethnic backgrounds for a more interactive experience.

Trash Pick-Up
Help kids learn the value of community service by organizing a trash pick-up day. Equip kids with rubber gloves, garbage bags and recycling bins and help them collect litter at a local park. Let children enjoy a picnic and play in the park after a job well done. Before cleaning up the park, discuss the importance of recycling and proper trash disposal with kids to increase the impact the event has on them. Kids will feel engaged in the community while learning valuable lessons about stewardship and service.