Managing a Spiritualist Center

Ideas for Introducing a New Ministry
By:Colby Phillips

If you are a church leader, you have probably had the responsibility at some point of introducing a new ministry to your congregation. There is always an amount of risk and uncertainty involved in such a project because new ministries require significant resources and may not be supported by every member of the congregation. To make this an easier process, it helps to form a commission, inform the congregation at each stage of the planning, set reachable and transparent goals for what the ministry will achieve and how it will be funded, and then make the announcement at an event that is fun, exciting and involves the whole community.

Form a Commission
Whether the new ministry is a campus outreach, community development organization for urban teens or a project to provide support to young parents, it should be carefully studied by a commission made up members who are qualified to delve into the details. The commission should investigate the legal ramifications, including liability, potential sources of funding, overlap or conflict with similar existing projects, and partners within the community.

Inform the Congregation
Any new ministry depends on the full support of members of the congregation. Inform the congregation throughout the phases of assessment, planning and implementation with timely and informative updates. Encourage members to pray about the new ministry and to share what they feel God is telling them. It may also be helpful to have periodic meetings inviting the whole congregation to offer input, feedback and criticism.

Set Reachable Goals
Clearly identify the goals of the new ministry and set targets for how the congregation will know if they are being reached. For example, if the ministry involves outreach and evangelization to the community, give a target for new members. If the goal is the creation of an afterschool program for teens, set benchmarks in the program's operation and progress.

Make a Celebratory Announcement
The rollout of a new ministry is an opportunity for the community to come together, celebrate what has been accomplished and give thanks to God for many blessings received along the way. Accomplish this celebration through many formats, such as a church gala, dinner or evening with a theme tied to the new ministry.