Managing a Spiritualist Center

Prayer Ministry Ideas
By:Helen Harvey

A prayer ministry is the group within a church that plans and organizes opportunities for both individual and group prayer, outside of scheduled church services. The demands of daily life can make it difficult for some members of the church congregation to overlook prayer. A prayer ministry seeks to facilitate opportunities for prayer, by developing strategies and programs for church members.

Service Prayer Warriors
Many churches have seen beneficial results from organizing a group of prayer warriors to gather to pray, while the rest of the congregation participates in the worship service. Prayer warriors, in turn, support the pastor while he is preaching.

Community Prayer
Set aside a specific room in the church for members to visit at any time to engage in prayer. The room can be manned at scheduled times by volunteers from the prayer ministry who can offer to join or lead those that come in. A prayer ministry could reach out into the community to offer prayer groups at hospitals, residential nursing homes, schools, office buildings and community rooms at shopping malls. People will be more inclined to make time to pray, if they have locations that are conveniently located.

A prayer ministry could link with prayer ministries at other local churches to organize group prayer events and opportunities for socialization and exchange of ideas. The ministry could also twin with ministries in other countries and those in developing countries and countries that have experienced war and natural disasters, to help support and strengthen their prayer efforts.

Virtual Prayer
Incapacity, the demands of work, and even a military posting away can mean that some church members are unable to regularly attend their home church. Computer-savvy members of the prayer ministry can develop a virtual online prayer community, whereby members can access church prayer from any location at any time of day.