Managing a Spiritualist Center

Ministry Ideas That Grow a Church
By:Gina Locke

People view time as a precious commodity in today's society, which can make the task of growing a church a challenge. Keeping an open mind toward a diverse number of outreach ministries for community members of all ages and walks of life shows your ministry understands and cares. This helps members of the community keep an open mind toward your church as well, increasing the chances of growth.

Hospitality Ministries

Have church members invite visitors to their homes for fun and fellowship.
No prospective church member enjoys feeling ignored, and may interpret a lack of contact as a lack of desire for her presence at church. Make hospitality a ministry. For a hospitality ministry, set up a special game and dinner night hosted by individual families. This ministry involves an established church family's extending an invitation to the family of a recent visitor to come to their home for fun activities such as dinner and a movie or games and dessert. Consult with other churches in your area for ideas on different hospitality ministries they have used and found successful.

Attracting Teenagers

Attract teenagers to your church through ministries such as coffee and drama clubs.
Drama and teenagers go hand-in-hand. Attract teenagers to your church by inviting them to join in a drama club that presents skits, plays and other creative drama activities to the children, teenage and adult activity departments of the church. Learn about popular activities for teens in your area and focus on ministries that revolve around those interests. For example, if teens in your area show a high interest in hanging out in coffee houses, consider starting a coffee house ministry where teenagers come and hang out at the church, learn to make their own non-alcoholic specialty drinks and then stick around for the day's program.

Adult Ministries

Provide a grief-sharing ministry to allow people to share their feelings with others after the death of a loved one.
The age of electronics means many adults often lack adequate human interaction. Provide ministries that fill this gap. Grief ministries bring adults together by allowing them to meet and share the trials and struggles they undergo through losses in life, such as the death of a spouse, child or other loved one. Choose a healing ministry to focus on groups such as those going through or still suffering from a divorce. For churches near military bases, a ministry to help support and aid spouses and families with deployed loved ones shows the church's dedication to the community and brings visitors who otherwise may never have thought of your church.

Ministries for Senior Adults

Book clubs may interest members of any age group.
The experiences and knowledge carried by senior adults enhances the church community. Grab the attention of senior adults with ministries that provide fun and companionship through monthly luncheons and group outings to community events. Other ministry ideas include activities for special interests such as singing, physical fitness, fishing, or book clubs. Remember to ask about special interests before starting a group, to avoid wasting time and effort on starting a ministry that fails to minister to your intended age group.