Managing a Spiritualist Center

Decoration & Game Ideas for a Youth Retreat
By:Chelsei Henderson

Youth retreats should encourage change in the way the young people think and behave after the retreat ends. During the retreat, focus on building friendships, helping one another and the community, and showing true love. Find decorations and games that support these aspects of the youth retreat. It will reinforce the teaching through an inspirational atmosphere and engaging activities.

Building Friendships
Encourage the kids to build lasting friendships with those they meet and spend time with during the youth retreat. Decorate lounge areas with posters that include quotes about friendship. Dedicate a certain time for those at the retreat to participate in ice breaker games. Ice breakers help students interact with new people, and learn things about one another.

Working Together
A retreat encourages unity and teamwork. While retreated from the daily stresses pressing at home, the kids can grow together as a team. Sports paraphernalia evokes a sense of teamwork. Ask cabin leaders to decorate their cabins using a sports theme. You could give each cabin a different type of sport. Spend time throughout the retreat playing different team sports.

Love for God
We must learn how to love one another. With the sense of teamwork while building new relationships, a loving atmosphere already exists in a retreat setting. However, also focus on the importance in a love for God. Decorate the devotion area of the retreat facilities with scriptures about how we must love God. As an activity, ask the students to write a list of all the things God has done for them.

Unity Without Walls
Introduce the importance of including everyone. While you speak on this subject, bring in decor from other cultures. Share with the students how we cannot judge others because they appear different. Focus on activities and games that reveal the need for an openminded attitude toward diversity.