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How to Write Your Own Church Sign
By:Kendall Blair

Writing your own church sign requires some serious thinking. When coming up with a sign, you must consider your audience. In this case, your audience is the general public. A church sign will be seen by passersby as well as church members on any given day. Therefore, it is important to be strategic when creating the sign. Pleasing everyone is impossible, but not offending the majority of those who read the sign might be the best way to approach this task.

Imagine all of those who will affected by the sign you will write. Churchgoers, as well as everyday citizens, will be reading your sign. What is the message you are trying to convey? Albeit religious, you want the sign to touch those whom do not have your same beliefs. Careful planning is then required.

Write down basic concepts that you want to pursue. Use these as starting points in your research process. A church sign can rhyme, shock, and touch all at the same time. Being witty will not only catch peoples attention, but it may draw them to the church to pursue learning more about it.

Determine sources in which you can gather information for your sign. The Bible is a great place to start, but other books, as well as the Internet, can provide wonderful references as well. Make sure that your sources are reputable. Simply going online and typing in "church signs" won't due. Your local library is a great place to start.

Pool the congregation. Use them as a resource for church sign ideas, as well as an excellent sounding board.

Discuss your signage with other members of the church. After all, the church sign represents those inside so you will want to get their feedback as well as approval.