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How to Start a Church Youth Group

Youth groups are a great way for a church to reach out and grow. These gatherings provide a safe and friendly place where teens can come to be with friends and worship. With a couple of committed adults and a handful of kids, you can start a youth group and help your church thrive.

Ask people in your church if anyone is interested in becoming a counselor or youth director to help start a youth group. The youth group needs a central director who can organize and teach the group. Counselors are also needed to help manage the kids and help with activities. Many churches hire a youth director once the program is up and running.

Print and distribute fliers and sign-up sheets for anyone interested in being a counselor or youth director.

Compile a list of those interested in helping start the youth group. Review the list with your pastor and deacons. Work with them to choose a youth director. These people will be in charge of the youth, so make sure all candidates and volunteers are trustworthy and responsible.

Meet with the candidates you have chosen. Include your pastor and deacons in the conversation and discuss what will be taught and how the youth group will be handled.

Set a day and time for the youth group to meet every week. Many churches have their youth meet in a room at the church on Wednesday nights during services.

Make an announcement during church services and during Sunday school. Tell everyone that a youth group is being started, and include the dates and times of your first meeting.