Managing a Spiritualist Center

How to Do Programs for Church
By:Thea Theresa English

Churches develop programs not only to celebrate special occasions such as a pastor's anniversary but also to train church members to serve their communities with the wisdom they learned from the programs. For example, if a church holds a weekend program that focuses on helping Christian married couples grow spiritually, these same couples can minister to other couples in need.

Develop your plan for the program. If you're interested in starting a food pantry that will operate on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., approach your pastor with the idea and seek his advice on how you should run the program. Talk with other church leaders and ask them if they know any local suppliers who may be interested in providing the food items for the pantry, and seek out grants from organizations that help churches start community programs.

Assign various tasks to different people. If you want to start an after-school tutoring program for low-income families in your neighborhood, meet with some church members or leaders who have a background in education. Ask them if they can donate their time once or twice a week to tutoring the children. Also find some church members who can provide bulk educational supplies such as pencils, pens, markers, pocket dictionaries, paper and workbooks.

Find out what kinds of programs church members want. If you're a pastor, hold a few public meetings throughout the month and share your goals of creating more outreach programs for church members. Have attendees each write down five suggestions and put them in a special box for you to review. At the final meeting, mention the ideas you chose, why you chose them, and how the ideas will be planned and executed.