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Church Sound System Tips
By:Lynda Moultry Belcher

Churches are no longer the small sanctuaries of the past, places to go to hear a religious message. Now, churches offer professional-quality music, with choirs backed by a full band. For these reasons, churches are investing in sound systems, since music is an effective way to draw people into church, reaching them via song. However, your church sound system must operate at optimum capacity to ensure a good musical show.

Hire a Professional
If it is within the church's budget, hire a sound professional to manage the sound system for the church. While an amateur can do it, a professional will understand how to manage the various controls and when it is appropriate to both raise and lower the sound level. Moreover, if you are paying someone, you know she will show up to do the job instead of your relying on a member who may or may not decide to come to church on a particular Sunday.

Don't Distract the Pastor With Sound Problems
Should something go wrong with the sound system during the church service, particularly if the pastor is already in the midst of his sermon, don't call attention to it. If his microphone is turned off, don't wave your hands wildly to remind him to turn it on; an associate minister can do it more discreetly. If you are having problems adjusting microphone volume, solve the problem quietly. Remind the pastor that if something should go wrong, don't address it publicly; a small, discreet motion to the sound team will suffice.

Wireless Microphone Access
It can be tempting to rely solely on wireless microphones during service because of the convenience they offer. However, with this technology comes a host of other issues, such as sound dropout, battery failure and RF (radio frequency) interference, according to ProAVmagazine.com Limit use of these microphones to the pastor and perhaps the choir leader to ensure that you get optimal performance without having to worry about problems with numerous wireless devices.