Managing a Spiritualist Center

How to Motivate Volunteers

In today's society of lessening leisure time, getting and retaining dedicated volunteers is hard. Volunteers are key to the success of many programs, and motivating volunteers is an integral part of that success. Learn ways to motivate volunteers and show them that their work is a vital part of the program.

Take time to thank them, not just verbally but through written notes as well. Also take time to thank the family of a devoted volunteer. The fact that you appreciate the time that's being taken from the family in the name of your cause is motivating.

Plan an annual celebration in which you can reward and recognize your volunteers. Banquets to celebrate the milestones the volunteers have reached can give them the boost they need to continue to volunteer their time and talents.

Budget to send volunteers to conferences to help them better do the tasks you require of them, or just learn more about the cause for which you're all working. This shows the volunteers that you're willing to spend money to better equip them.

Feed your volunteers. Food is a great motivator and shows that you appreciate their hard work. It can be as simple as having coffee and soda available for meetings to feeding them lunch or dinner while they're working for your cause.

Encourage fun. While the focus of your organization may be serious in nature, there has to be some fun in it for volunteers if you expect to retain them. Remember that they originally volunteered because they are passionate about your cause, and it's your job to make them feel like a valued member of your organization.