Managing a Spiritualist Center

Ideas to Keep Volunteer Workers Interested
By:Scott Damon

While supervising volunteer work provides the satisfaction of helping others, you may find it hard to motivate workers to complete the job if they are not receiving any pay. Though the volunteers may have an initial sense of enthusiasm, it can wear off as the day wears on. Try some tricks to keep volunteers motivated throughout the day.

Provide Food and Beverages
Volunteers can work up an appetite after donating their time for several hours. If you are supervising people on a particular project all day, purchase breakfast and lunch for them for their efforts. Also provide snacks and beverages they can enjoy on breaks. Since many organizations have a tight budget, shop for food at big-box stores that offer steep discounts. Also, ask local restaurants to give you a break on pricing because you are purchasing food for volunteers. Finally, ask permanent members of the charity or organization to donate food and beverages for the day.

Create a friendly competition among the volunteer workers. For instance, if people are holding a car wash fund-raiser, and friends and family of the organization are volunteering, provide a prize for the person who helped bring in the most cars to wash. Set aside some of the profits to purchase a small gift from a local merchant. While the point of the volunteer work is certainly not the gift, the small prize can keep people motivated throughout the course of the day.

Volunteer's Choice
While every volunteer job might not be ideal, allow the volunteers who show up early, or on a regular basis to choose their role. Volunteers performing a task they enjoy will be more likely to stay engaged to the event. Also, if particular volunteers have expertise in a certain field, they might enjoy performing a service in that realm. If you have jobs that are less than ideal, rotate volunteers every hour or two so individuals are not stuck doing something they do not want to do for too long.

Small Commitment
Some people may really want to volunteer for a particular cause or organization but fear that the time commitment will overtake their already-busy schedules. Therefore, create a schedule or opportunity wherein volunteers only have to work an hour. They will be more apt to return and fit it into their schedule if they do not feel overwhelmed.

Encourage Friends
If people are willing to volunteer, encourage them to bring friends to help with the charity or organization. This camaraderie will help new volunteers who may not know other people in the organization feel comfortable in the atmosphere by having a friend share the experience. Also, friends may have the inherent ability to work together well and accomplish tasks quicker than those who do not know one another. In addition, encouraging volunteers to bring friends will provide extra hands to help the volunteer effort.