Managing a Spiritualist Center

How to Get Volunteers to Run Church Programs
By:DionJonai Elzy

The most difficult aspect of getting volunteers to run church programs is recruiting the volunteers. Most volunteers get involved to make a difference in the community. Once you have volunteers involved, getting them to manage a church program is simple. Being involved and appreciated will retain volunteers to run future church programs.

Choose volunteers who are interested in the programs. Volunteers who have an interest in the church program are more likely to take charge and make it successful.

Provide the supplies, tools and space needed for the program to the volunteers. The less out-of-pocket expenses the volunteers have, the more involved they will be with the program. This also makes it easier for them to run the program from start to finish.

Allow volunteers to choose their role in the program. People with a preferred responsibility will take ownership of the role in reaching the goals of the program.

Offer the volunteers training. Just because those recruited to run the church program may be church members does not imply they will know what is needed or how to accomplish each task. Training offers clear instructions on what needs to be done and how it should be completed.

Explain your expectations and be honest about who is in charge of the program. If the volunteers are in charge, be clear about this information.

Show them appreciation for volunteering and running a successful program. Thanking your volunteers verbally or with gifts or cards will help retain these volunteers, as they want to feel appreciation for volunteering their time.