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Update Your Church Website: 8 Ways To Revolutionize Your Website
By:Lynne Gabriel

Keeping up with the trends for the church website can be a difficult task. There are ways to update your church website and keep up with the trends at the same time. We will examine eight ways to update your website with technology and revolutionize your website.

Customize your church management software. Using software to manage your church activities and events is a common practice today. Making it fit your specific needs is up to you. You must customize this software to include the information your church website needs and remove what is unnecessary.

Create secure online communities. Creating a way for members of your church to communicate with each other through your churches' website helps build relationships within your congregation.

Provide online ticketing, registration and giving for your visitors. Using online ticketing for events has become a useful and powerful tool in marketing. This allows your visitors and congregation to purchase tickets to upcoming events without leaving their homes to do it. This can also be a convenient way of counting reserved seating for special events and for reserving those seats.

Manage your volunteers. This allows you to manage your volunteers for special events and activities. It also allows members of your congregation to sign up to volunteer easily. It creates a list for you to refer to of past volunteers. If you need a volunteer and no one has signed up to do it, you may give some of the past volunteers a call or write them an email.

Using integrated communications. Integrated communications allows you the ability to keep up with prayer requests, announce special activities and events and keeps your congregation informed. An email newsletter provides this service to your entire congregation as well as visitors who may be contemplating joining your congregation.

Improve and manage customer relations. Customer relation is more than simply introducing yourself to a new member. With the right tools it can make it possible for other members of the congregation to welcome new members, invite them to gather with them, and even invite them to volunteer.

Incorporate child safety software. In the event that children attend your church without their parents, it is extremely important to have the children's safety at the top of your list. This type of software assures that the right guardian is picking the child up. Children safety is quickly becoming a top priority to many churches.

Tracking the benevolent in your area. This is important as many churches feel people are using fraud to get help they may not necessarily need. This type of system would help your church keep track of the benevolent in your area. It will allow you to continue helping the needy in your community as well.

This is just some of the new technologies you can add to your church website to make it more secure and up to date with today's ever changing technical world. Talk to your website designer about using some of these suggestions to better inform you congregation and put your church website back on track.

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