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Eight Reasons to Use Wordpress As a Content Management System for Your Church Website
By:Brandon Cox

I'm a huge advocate of open source and cloud-based technologies for churches, and WordPress is at the top of my list! I've been using it for four years now, and in its present state, I would stack it up against some of the most expensive proprietary systems on the market when it comes to content management for churches and ministries. Here are some of my reasons:

WordPress Is Open Source

Open source has two big advantages for churches. One is that it's typically free to the end user. This isn't always true, but in most cases, open source software is freely distributed. The second advantage is that an entire community of developers are working to improve it, but these improvements are implemented in a controlled environment. Granted, this can produce some inconsistencies in coding styles between developers, but overall, it's an atmosphere for innovation.

WordPress Is Big

WordPress is used by millions. Microsoft uses it, Adobe uses it, and many other companies utilize it as well. It has a huge community and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

WordPress Is Easily Themed

WordPress themes are myriad, but with the rise of premium themes, a middle-of-the-road solution is often arrived at featuring excellent code with numerous extra features at a rather low cost point.

Even custom designs are easily integrated into its system, offering 100% flexibility.

WordPress Is Easily Extended

Out of the box, WordPress is great, but it's also very easily extended as well. There are thousands of WordPress plugins available as open source solutions for just about every conceivable need, be it event calendars, contact forms, shopping carts, slideshows and social media integration.

WordPress Is Easy to Install

Most church websites will work easily in a shared hosting environment, which is very affordable, and most hosting companies offer an easy way to install WordPress, such as using Fantastico, which takes only a few clicks. But even to install WordPress from scratch, the old-fashioned way, takes less than five minutes.

WordPress Is Agile

Proprietary systems often share a disadvantage - they're inflexible. Making changes quickly often isn't an option, but as new technologies develop (which happens daily), WordPress is instantly adaptable to almost every kind of change across the ever-morphing social web.

WordPress Is Easy to Manage

I've trained Pastors and church secretaries to use WordPress as a content management system, some of whom barely used email. If you can use the average desktop publishing system, you can use WordPress. You can easily add text, photos, videos, etc. with a simple WYSIWYG interface (what you see is what you get).

WordPress is Shareable and Portable

Out of the box, WordPress has a robust rss feature. Your site automatically produces an rss feed of its latest content. Every category, every tag, and every search can also have an rss feed, as well as comments. So establishing a podcast is as easy as designating a category as your podcast category, attaching audio files to the posts, then feeding that feed to iTunes (which is made even easier using Feedburner.

There are hundreds of possible content management systems for your church's website, but Wordpress beats all the rest when it comes to usability and expandability.

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