Managing a Spiritualist Center

Church Management Training
By:Nicole Papa

Running a church takes more than a call or desire to help people. It takes organizational skills, communication skills and managerial skills. Church managers are put in position so that the pastor doesn't have to carry the burden of the details of day-to-day operations for the parish. Church management is intended to empower the pastoral staff to succeed at caring for the needs of the people and the community. Implementing effective training for the church management can provide the management with a clear and comprehensive understanding of roles and expectations.

Church management training's intention is to provide education, tools and hands-on experience to those in leadership over the church. Its purpose is to clearly define the needs of the church community and the steps to accomplish the daily tasks. Church management training includes a spiritual foundation of prayer and Christian fellowship as the cornerstone of the staff. The trainer should be a Christian to ensure the information taught is from a Biblical perspective. Other area churches can be invited to attend the training sessions to help improve their overall management quality and effectiveness.

Church management training requires time, skilled trainers and spiritual growth. Take time to invest in the church management and the staff will be rewarded with knowledgeable and confident mangers that know how to handle difficult situations and organize the events of the church. Hire a professional church management consulting company to perform the training or have local church mangers provide the training. Spiritual growth needs to be a large part of the church management training to keep the goal of ministry as the first priority.

Church management training may include group discussions, team building activities and lectures on leadership skills. Group discussions are lead by a current church administrator that can facilitate the discussion and answer any questions the trainees may have. Team building activities are special games played that demonstrate a leadership or team building principle. Lectures are effective training for church managers in training because they provide the foundational principles and lessons needed to effectively run a church.

Effective church management training creates a peaceful and organized church culture where employees feel safe, the congregations needs are met and pastors are able to focus on caring for people and preparing sermons. Church management training empowers the mangers with the appropriate skills to run a church administration with ease.

Church management training should be a continual process through weekly meetings, monthly training sessions and annual retreats that focus on the needs of the church managers. Church management should participate in accountability groups, prayer sessions and reading books on service and administration.