Managing a Spiritualist Center

Church Management Software Buying Tips
By:Barry Goldstein

God is a being of organization, so it only makes sense that your church be highly organized. I think smaller churches make the mistake of thinking that church management software won't help them at all, but nothing could be further from there truth.

Of course, before buying anything, it's important to pause and consider your options (and pray). Management options can vary from $40 on up into $1000s. As usual, the options you want will determine the software you needing.

Key Tip: Improvement

It's easy to get caught up in the computer phase and just purchase something to get "computerized." But really, you want to stop and be able to write out how church management software will be able to improve your church's operations.

Is it just going to get in the way? Do you have someone who can operate it? Will it reduce paperwork? Will it reduce stress?

Key Tip: Ease of Use

All software isn't created equal. Even with management software for churches, there's a wide variety of differences. You'll want to review several options and look for the best fit for the tasks you're currently doing or looking to do.

If the software is hard to use and you can't train someone to use it then it doesn't matter what features the software has, it's no good. Also, how much training will the software need? Will someone need to spend hundreds attending courses or is it simply a matter of fiddling around for a week to learn the interface?

Key Tip: Cost Verses Savings

Your new church software will cost something. Think about how much time, effort and money it will save you. Is this greater than the cost? If so, you've got a solid purchase ahead.

Don't forget to consider time, effort and cost over a period of time, like a couple years. You should have a budget already, but if not, this can help you develop one.

Key Tip: Online Value

Usually more expensive church management software will have an online component to it (donations, etc). Is this important to you? If so, plan on increasing your software budget a good deal (could be $1,000 or more). However, if it's not important, then what you may really need is a solid contact manager style of program and those are far less.

In the end, it's about buying the right solution for your church. As with any other purchase, take your time, weigh your options and check out some reviews from other churches. This will help you make the right purchase.

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