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Church Video Equipment - Variety of Uses
By:Jeremy Oms

With the rising demand for new technology, many industries are getting involved who once never thought of using video technology. This includes churches that have suddenly found various uses for video equipment of which can be used for taping weekly church sessions, weddings, funerals, live choir performances and many other church functions.

Additionally, the professional video equipment can also be installed for security purposes. Robberies and other crimes have historically stayed out of the church however, in recent years, with the upswing in violent crimes and robberies in many major cities, the crimes seem to have made their way into the church, necessitating the church video equipment systems for security to keep the church and the congregation safe.

The most popular of all church video equipment include multimedia components so that church sessions can be taped and brought to those who cannot attend the church in person. Additionally, most multimedia video equipment can stream the sessions live on the Internet, so that the attendees who cannot be in church in person can attend at the same time as other parishioners. A video surveillance system will use heat and other security detectors in addition to video cameras to locate an intruder or help solve a crime that may have been committed within the church.

Included in a typical multimedia video technologies package are items such as projectors, recording cameras, DVD or Blu-Ray players, microphones, web cameras, laptops or desktop computers, targeted church software and other accessories that make streaming and taping possible. The best systems will incorporate all aspects of the church service and other functions into the taping or stream for presentation. This would necessitate the utilization of special recorders, which can tilt, rotate and zoom to all angels and heights. Special video recorders are utilized for this recording function and in most cases are stationary pieces of equipment.

However, for those who want to tape functions on the road, at a church picnic, for example, they can use a portable video technology package. Portable packages consist of the same types of video equipment, but they are typically smaller and can be taken from one place to another quickly and easily. In many cases of portable equipment, projectors and screens of a larger size than usual are used because when many people attend a single function, it can be difficult to see or hear the speaker and festivities easily.

A professional licensed expert in the video field should perform the installation of any video equipment package because the installation procedure will typically utilize various church services already in place such as the electrical and telephone or cable television.

Jeremy Oms is a lead researcher for locating and leasing church equipment. Is your church video equipment up to date?