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How to Create a Donation Website for your Church
By:Sara Gilmore

Donation websites can be created to help loved ones pay medical bills. You can also ask for donations for natural disaster relief or just to meet one of your personal goals. Visitors might donate a few cents or dollars if they like your writing or viewpoints. Donation websites can have short-term or long-term goals. If the cause seems legitimate and calls people to action users from all around the world might donate using your website.

Use software. Donations need to be timely. You might need to raise money to pay rent or help someone in a news story. Learning how to program, design and build a website can takes months or even years. Consider creating a donation website with existing software. Set up a blog for free with Google's Blogger in just a few minutes. Utilizing existing software lets you focus on the problem at hand instead of adding stress by learning how to make a website from scratch.

Share your story. There are a lot of donation websites out there. Yours needs to stand out. Tell people why they should give to help support your cause. Blog on your site often with thank-you notes for the donations. Update your blog regularly to keep readers aware of the running totals of their donations and progress that has been made with your charity or situation.

Create a banner or button. If you don't have a design program, use MS Paint. Not everyone who visits your donation website will be able to afford to give money. Visitors can help spread the word out to reach other Internet users. Make a button that details the cause in a few words. If the donation is going to help a specific person, include their picture in the background to lend legitimacy to the cause. Readers can place the button on websites, blogs and forums to get the word out about your donation site.

Set up secure payment processing. A visitor may be more likely to donate if your site is trustworthy. People may be wary of giving their credit card information out even if it's for a good cause. PayPal offers a free donation button where users don't even have to have a PayPal account to give money. Buyers will be able to pay from their own PayPal accounts or using their credit card.

Enter the name of your organization in the button creator. Change the appearance of the button and decide what currency users should donate in. Include an email address to receive payments and select whether donors should give a specified amount. Copy and paste the generated code into the html of your blog post or side bar.

Accept any amount of money. Readers may be leery of donating a set amount. Ask for anything your visitors can afford. If Internet visitors support your cause the pennies will add up quickly. If they are unable to donate, encourage them to leave thoughtful or inspiring messages.

Harness your existing site, auction or estore. Turn any sites that you already have into donation websites. You may make more sales if you donate a percentage of each sale to charity. Customers get a product they need and also help people at the same time.

Get the word out about existing charities. You might not be able to set up your own charity due to time constraints. Instead promote a charity that you already believe in using your donation site. Make readers aware of any prevention programs that exist as well as fundraisers.