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How to Build a Free Church Website
By:Ariana Cherry-Shearer

It is important for a church to have a website. This makes it easier to find information and activities for those who might be interested in becoming a member. While having a website is important, it doesn't necessarily have to break the church's budget. Building a website for the church can be easy and free if you use the right resources. Continue reading below to find out how you can set up a website for your church for free.

Speak with the board or session of your church to decide what kind of website you would like to create. Decide on the content, images and any contact information that you would like displayed on the website. It is best to have a blueprint before starting to develop the church website.

Take digital pictures of the front and inside of the church. Have one of the members who hase access to a digital camera do this task so you do not have to pay for photographs. Upload them to your computer. Scan samples of Sunday bulletins from your church that display worship information.

Sign up with a free hosting website such as 000webhosting. There will not be any banner ads or pop-ups on your website. They also offer free domains so that you will not have to pay for one.

Find a volunteer or somebody within the church or community who would be willing to help design the church website if you do not have any web page designing skills.

Display images of your church on the website. Add information about worship times and Sunday school or Bible studies held at the church. Be sure to include contact information such as telephone numbers or an email address where visitors can forward their questions to. It also would be wise to add directions to your church for out-of-town visitors. Add a link to an online guest book for those who visit the website.

Include the link to your website on all of the church's business cards, brochures, email signatures and fliers. This will give more exposure to the website.