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How to Make a Projector Screen for a Church
By:Anne Kinsey

Many churches are faced with needing to incorporate more modern technology into their worship services in order to keep congregants interested. As they move away from using traditional hymnals, lots of churches project music lyrics onto a large screen in front of the congregation so that everyone can easily sing along. This also allows churches to present new songs and hymns to the congregation on a regular basis. Some churches also use projector screens in order to show multimedia presentations during the service. Homemade videos, montages and important imagery can be shared in this way. Professionally-made projector screens can be expensive and make a huge dent in a small church budget. Making the projector screen yourself will save significantly on money, while allowing your church to have the technological reach it needs to reach people.

Measure the area of your church's wall where you want to place your projector screen. Most churches place them towards the front of the sanctuary, relatively high on the wall. Outline the area using a pencil and stand behind the last pew to ensure that the screen will be easily visible from the back of the sanctuary. The outline should form a large rectangle. Make note of the final measurements.

Cut your 2 by 4 inch boards to the size that you need for your frame. You will have two longer boards and two slightly shorter boards to form a large rectangle. Screw the boards together, bracing them for strength with L-brackets.

Cut your 3/4-inch plywood so that it will fit exactly over the wood frame you have built. Screw the cut plywood into the frame using wood screws.

Cut your white blackout curtain material so that it is slightly larger than your frame. A good rule of thumb is to allow 3 inches of extra material on all sides of the frame.

Stretch your blackout curtain material over the frame and staple it to the back of the frame, all the way around, ensuring that there are no wrinkles in the material.

Find your wall studs and attach the mounting brackets to the wall over the stud using drywall screws and then hang your projector screen on the brackets. Ensure that the screen is level and test it with your projector prior to using it during worship.