Managing a Spiritualist Center

How to Use Technology in Worship
By:Anthony Diaz de la Vega

Technology allows churches, synagogues and religious groups unparalleled access to potential members. It allows anyone with a computer to share their worshiping habits with others online, create and edit multimedia works about faith, and disseminate advertisements for upcoming events. Using modern technology in worship bridges the gap between religious traditionalism and the technological innovations of the information age. Work with your church's pastor (or other religious leader) to find creative ways to incorporate technology in religious services.

Record a podcast featuring local religious authors, musicians and religious leaders. Post the link to the podcast in your local church's newsletter.

Install projectors for displaying PowerPoint presentations featuring multimedia. Craft presentations that tie into a sermon or offer additional information on a central theme or topic. Display lyrics for songs played during worship to give everyone the ability to sing along.

Create blogs and social networking profiles to connect with possible congregants and get the word out about local prayer groups or meetings. Share these links on Facebook or MySpace to spread the message.

Create an application for mobile phones that will allow people to take their worship with them wherever they go. Work with a developer to make an app that allows you to schedule worship times, and lets you to create a virtual worship circle of friends and family. This allows you to pray together even if you cannot be in the same physical location.