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How to Produce a Church Photo Directory

Many parishes and church organizations have church photo directories as an aid for pastors and families. The whole congregation benefits from church photo directories, which help families to keep in touch, contact each other, and learn about others in the community. Staff members find church photo directories invaluable in large parishes where it is easy to forget someone's name. Thanks to digital technology, church photo directories are easier than ever to produce. Read on to learn how to produce a church photo directory.

Talk with your pastor or priest about the need for a church photo directory. If you are the pastor, you can simply discuss your plans for the church photo directories with your staff.

Organize a team to help produce the church photo directories. You'll need someone to take charge of scheduling the photo shoots and act as a liaison with the church photo directories company if you use one.

Analyze your church photo directories options. Compare companies and software. Olan Mills is a leading choice in church photo directories production, as is Lifetouch. Both will create church photo directories at no charge. They earn money from portraits purchased by families. If you would rather oversee all the production and cost is not a concern, purchase software to create a church photo directory, one option is Picture-Directory online.

Sign up with a photo studio or hire a photographer.

Schedule photo days and time slots for each family. Send email reminders a day ahead of the photo shoots. On the day of the picture taking, ensure there is staff to assist the photographer or studio.

Wait for the church photo directories to arrive, and distribute them to the families. If you are doing it yourself, follow software guides to upload your photos and information into the program. Have the church photo directories printed at a printing company either locally or online.