Managing a Spiritualist Center

TRAINING: How to run a Circle (from 1st meeting to registration of mediums)
By:Institute of Spiritualist Mediums (ISM)

The foundation for any good working medium is the Circle in which he or she sits to develop a working relationship with Spirit.

Unfortunately these days it is extremely difficult for an aspiring medium to locate such a circle and so, with this in mind and with the technology of the 21st century we have developed the Circle Network.

By forming a small group, perhaps six or seven like-minded people and registering with the Network, you will be advised on everything you need to know when sitting and running a Circle. The only requirement is that at least one of your group is or becomes a member of the Institute.

A booklet will be sent to the group with clear instructions, together with examples of meditations and prayers. Once your Circle is formed and under way regular contact, usually by email, will be expected in order that guidance can be offered and questions answered. Support will be available as and when required.

As progress is made, the ISM offers “fledgling assessments” where prospective mediums may work in a friendly environment before an audience. Constructive advice is made available to each fledgling by way of a letter. When the required standard is demonstrated a Probationer’s Certificate is awarded.

The ultimate goal is to achieve the status of Registered and Approved Medium of the ISM, or RAM as it is known. As a RAM your name can be added to our website list in order to be accessible to those who are in need of help and spiritual advice. This is, of course, with your consent.

So there we have it, the ISM sees you through from the outset and thereby achieves it’s original aim of over 50 years ago, which was, and still is, to raise the standard of Mediumship