Managing a Spiritualist Center

How to Make a Church Grow and Prosper
By:Elizabeth (Lisa) Thompson

Almost every church looks for ways to bring in new people so the congregation will grow and prosper. More than seeking transplants from other churches, true church growth means the previously "unchurched" become an active, vital part of the church body. Churches need to keep their pulse on the community while staying true to their core spiritual values. Combining tried and true ideas along with socially relevant ones will help attract new members.

Begin with prayer. Pray by yourself or with your spouse to begin with but look for ways to increase your prayer base. You will know and follow God's plans for growth instead of seemingly good ideas that might not be the direction God has for you.

Spread the word about your church, upcoming events and activities and programs. Invite people when you meet them. You can do this without being obnoxious by striking up a conversation with someone at the local fast-food play area, for example. If they have young children, mention that your church has a great children's program.

Attend a conference or seminar on church growth.

Advertise. You can use mailings to area neighbors, place an ad in the phone book or in the community newspaper or pass out fliers. You can mail postcards as well -- the colors or photo on the front will usually grab the recipient's attention in a way a letter in a plain envelope probably would not.

Use the Internet to keep in touch with others by email. This cost-effective tool can help you find all types of advice on church growth and provide you with a wide variety of ideas.

Budget for church growth. Put money toward reaching out to people.