Managing a Spiritualist Center

How to Help a New Church's Congregation Grow
By:Althea Thompson

It can be difficult for a new church congregation to form in a new city. However, while church growth may not happen overnight, it is possible with a lot of prayer and strategic steps. The church leader must try several trial-and-error approaches to find which methods work best for congregation growth. A successful church ministry breaks barriers and goes where other churches have not.

Form outreach endeavors in the community. Outreach events may include children's field days, women's groups, men's group or family movie nights. Organize these outreach events and open them to the public. People in the community will be able to meet church members and interact with church leaders. The community will have a chance to embrace the new church. The congregation will also benefit by acquiring new members.

Advertise the new church through local media outlets. Let the community know about the new church family by placing an ad in the newspaper or creating a short radio advertisement. Contact a local television station and ask about airing Sunday sermons. A telephoning campaign can also help to reach community members. This is a personal way of connecting with people and inviting them to attend the new church.

Get involved in community programs. Church leaders can make themselves part of the community by joining forces with other nonprofit groups. The church can start its own baseball team and play with other local groups; organize a community yard sale with other local clubs or organizations; or raise money with the local fire station or rescue squad by organizing a joint car wash. Joint functions with community organizations help the church build its congregation and connections.

Maintain a neat and orderly meeting place. New churches often begin meeting in schools or hotel conference rooms until they secure a building. Though the meeting location is temporary, create a warm and inviting environment. The facility should be clean and comfortable for sitting. Decorate the area with church signs and flowers to create a friendly atmosphere. The goal is to make guests feel welcome and encourage them to come again.

Encourage spiritual growth. Church members seek a place where they can grow spiritually in faith and in ministry. Create a meaningful worship experience where people feel connected to God. Accommodate a variety of worship styles to attract a diverse congregation. Leaders can teach on financial stewardship, faith and spiritual principles so members experience growth in their own life. Focus on the long-term development of church members to keep a strong congregation for the future.