Managing a Spiritualist Center

Church Marketing Ideas
By:Cheryl Munson

Marketing was once considered a no-no for churches. Today, churches understand that they must employ marketing strategies and tactics in order to grow their memberships, especially in regards to younger people. There are a host of ways that churches can market their services and offerings to fulfill outreach efforts and make joining the church appealing, contemporary, relevant and desirable for people young and old.

Online Social Networking Inspiration
Develop a daily dose of inspiration that can be disseminated online. Use popular social networking sites like Twitter to send a short inspirational message. Send positive, uplifting words of encouragement. Towards the end of the week, use online social networking to announce the upcoming sermon in order to increase attendance and get members to invite others via email or through their pages on social networking websites.

Book Clubs
Bring in popular religious authors to hold book signings. Church members will enjoy the ability to meet in a social setting. Choose popular books listed on sources like the New York Times best sellers list that will attract a wide audience. Start book clubs that explore best sellers that are based on biblical and spiritual principles. The book club can also serve as an ice breaker to gain new church members.

Music and Vocal Lessons
Unfortunately, many public schools are eliminating music classes in order to save money. Churches can step in and fill the gap by marketing music and vocal lessons. Develop fliers, include information on the church website, and post signs on the church grounds. The program can also provide a means for income for choir directors, musicians and vocalists to earn extra money.

Travel Club
Develop a travel club to visit the Holy Land, Italy and Greece. Market the travel club citywide and to non-members. Discuss in bible study groups and use member input to structure the tour and places to visit. Promote the tour in weekly church bulletins and on the church website. Also consider opportunities for cruises, weekend retreats, visits to national parks and popular destination sites like Disney; Branson, Mo.; the Grand Old Opry in Nashville; the Motown Museum in Detroit; and to children’s museums throughout the United States.

Singles Events
Many singles desire a way to meet other singles who share their religious beliefs. Structure “mixers” and non-alcoholic alternatives to the traditional "happy hour." Invite comedians, musicians, dancers and community theater groups to provide faith-friendly entertainment. Gather information from all attendees and structure follow-up efforts to recruit new members.

Meeting Facilities
Maximize use of rooms and spaces. Offer meeting space to community organizations, homeowner’s associations and other non-profits. Provide free access to encourage attendance at church services or ask for a nominal donation to cover utility expenses or personnel. Work with banks and insurance companies that are striving meet specific corporate responsibility and community service outreach goals and will help fund marketing efforts.