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Ideas for Making Money for Church Bazaars
By:Lanae Carr

Successful church bazaars are easy to plan when participation is high from the congregation. To make a substantial amount of money at your church bazaar, sell items that appeal to a wide age range so that entire families enjoy attending. Use your imagination to create inexpensive products or have them donated to cut your event costs.

Seasonal Decor
Seasonal decor can generate income since all of the members in your congregation celebrate at least one holiday. Ask the congregation for donations of seasonal decor items in good condition. Separate Christmas, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving and Easter items for the home and lawn. You can pair incomplete accessories to form new decorations or sell as-is pieces. Families save money buying products from the bazaar rather than at retail price during the holidays.

Homemade Potpourri Sachets
Buy a stack of lace doilies or discounted sheer fabric from the craft store and make your own blend of potpourri. Use the smells of the current season as inspiration when selecting your menu of scents. You can secure the potpourri sachet with a ribbon and sell for a significant profit at your church bazaar. These sachets can be placed in a car, drawer or handbag to create a pleasing aroma. Potpourri sachets can be offered at a price low enough for children to purchase them as gifts for their parents.

Pancake Breakfast
Host a pancake breakfast during the bazaar. Charge a flat fee for entry and invite guests to enjoy a hearty supply of pancakes. Some grocery stores will donate products if you request a sponsorship well in advance of your event. Pancake batter can be stretched to accommodate large groups, but always have a few extra containers on hand in case you have an unexpectedly large turnout. You can keep pancakes warm using crock pots and serve sausage and milk as side items.