Managing a Spiritualist Center

Steps for Calling a Church Business Meeting to Order
By:Nick Johnson

Churches are required by law to have regular business meetings. The order of the business meeting should be set forth in the constitution bylaws of the church. The bylaws also state how much notification members need before the business meeting is held. It is important to bring the business meeting to order quickly so that things don't get out of hand before it starts.

Start with prayer. Make it a positive prayer. A positive-toned prayer will go a long way in setting the mood for the business meeting. Use the prayer to remind the members they are one body in Christ, with common goals.

Hand out the agenda for the business meeting. Having an agenda at the start of the meeting will keep it flowing and on topic. Do not deviate from the agenda.

Call the meeting to order. The pastor or chairman calls the business meeting to order and requests that the previous meeting minutes be read. After the minutes have been read and approved, follow the agenda to continue the meeting.