Managing a Spiritualist Center

How to Start Up New Policies & Procedures for a Church
By:Natalie Smith

Churches are similar to other organizations in that to run smoothly they require careful planning and documentation of their policies and procedures. A policies and procedures manual is an important part of the administration of the church because it delegates authority, establishes what to do in the case of an emergency, establishes general rules in accordance with local and diocese laws, and gives church leadership a general outline for how to proceed in specific situations. If the policy and procedures manual is planned carefully and written well, it can serve as a helpful guide for years to come.

Planning the Manual

Jot down the job titles associated with the administration in your church, such as Volunteer Coordinator or other titles appropriate for your church.

An organization chart provides a visual reference of the hierarchy of your church.
Create an organizational chart that illustrates the hierarchy of these job titles. This chart will help you define the roles for each administrator as well as define the chain of command, which will help you clarify who is responsible for each task or part of a task.

Write a list of major rites and events that your church conducts consistently, for example, baptisms, weddings, volunteer training or missions organization.

Address each task by creating a detailed list of the associated steps and procedures, including any policies that are directly related to the task. Note which job titles are responsible for the tasks.

Brainstorm a list of common emergency situations, such as who should lead the service if the pastor or priest is ill, and create a list of steps and procedures to follow in those instances. It is a good idea to consult a few policy and procedure manuals from other churches to ensure that you have covered all of the possible emergency situations.

Creating the Manual

Type up the manual on your computer with the word processing program of your choice. Be sure to back up the file in several places so that your work is saved.

Recruit a volunteer or hire an editor to edit the manual for errors. It is also a good idea to have several church officials review the manual content before you print because reprints can be expensive.

Print the manual copies from your computer or take them to a local office supply store or copy shop to have them professionally printed.