Managing a Spiritualist Center

Information on How to Document a Church Business Meeting
By:Vernelle Nelson

Regardless of the denomination, ideology or beliefs, every church leader must report to the membership on how money is spent, and to seek input regarding the church's future. Church members have an obligation to participate in the process to ensure that there is no hint of irregularity, impropriety or fiscal irresponsibility. While the board of trustees may meet more frequently, church business meetings including the full membership should be held at least once a year. These meetings must be documented as part of the official church history.

Prior to the Meeting

Schedule the meeting at a date and time that is convenient for most of the active members.

Notify active members via mail and e-mail of the date, time and location of the upcoming meeting.

Remind members of the meeting in church bulletins and announcements at every service leading up to the meeting.

Identify someone who will be responsible for taking minutes. This is usually performed by the church secretary.

At the Meeting

Take attendance.

Verify that only active members are given an opportunity to vote on matters presented at the meeting.

Vote on whether or not to allow non-members to speak on matters under consideration prior to a vote.

The Permanent Record

Record the meeting's official start time.

Report on the reading and approval of the minutes from the last business meeting.

Include reading and approval of reports from the minister, president of the board of trustees and treasurer.

Add summaries of the reading and approval of committee reports.

List discussions of unfinished business from previous business meetings.

Briefly describe presentations and discussions of new business.

Record the official time of the end of the meeting.