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How to Conduct a Church Business Meeting
By:Jaza Davidson

If you are the overseer of a church or chairman of a church board, one of the things that you should do on a regular basis is conduct a church business meeting. Whether you conduct your meetings monthly, quarterly, or yearly, by following the proper procedures you can ensure that your meeting runs smoothly. By being prepared ahead of time you and your congregants will know what to expect.

Pass out an agenda sheet to all of the individuals entering the meeting facility. The agenda sheet will contain a list of all items to be discussed. If you do not have an agenda sheet, you and the other meeting attendants can easily get sidetracked by other discussions.

Start the meeting with a short word of prayer. If the meeting starts on a positive note, it can set the tone for the rest of the proceedings.

Discuss old business first. The old business consist of items that were discussed in the previous meeting that require an update or vote. As part of the old business, you can also read the minutes from the previous meeting. The minutes is a simple summary of items discussed at the previous meeting, along with other information, such as the date, who conducted the meeting and the time the meeting adjourned.

Introduce new business. The new business will consist of new ideas and new topics that have not been previously discussed. During the new business segment it is important to get feedback and comments from other church members or board members.

Vote on items that need action. In order to vote, a church member will have to make a motion to vote. A second church member will have to second the motion to show their agreement to vote on the item. After taking a vote, the majority rules. The church members making the motions should be a member of the church board. However, if you do not have a church board, any church member may perform the motions and seconds.

Stick to the topics that are on the agenda. If items come up for discussion that are not listed on the agenda, document it in the church minutes so that it can be placed on the agenda for the next meeting. By sticking to the agenda, you can ensure that all items are discussed.