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Ideas for Making Monthly Church Newsletters for Kids
By:Eliza Herring

Creating a monthly church newsletter for children is a great way to keep the youngest members of your church congregation engaged and involved. Monthly newsletters will keep children informed about activities and events in the church that pertain to them.

Create a Monthly Theme
By choosing a monthly theme, you can keep the children interested. If there is a holiday or church event, use that as the monthly theme. This theme will help you choose the content for that month's edition.

Report Events
Be sure to report any events for children that month. If the children participated in a fundraiser or mission activity, be sure to include a story about it in the newsletter. Include any upcoming events or activities that may be of interest to the children.

Add an Interview
Add an interview section to your newsletter. Interview a church member, perhaps one of the children, each month. An interview section would help the children learn about the members of the congregation and each other.

Include Activities and Comics
Since the newsletter is for children, consider adding a comic strip. You could also add word searches, crossword puzzles or riddles to spice up the newsletter. Adding a section of activities will keep the kids reading.