Managing a Spiritualist Center

The Best Church Newsletters
By:Susanna Johnson

The best church newsletters include anything pertinent to church life and to the families involved there. Newsletters notify church members of all information they need to keep up on current events in your church. With a few good tips on how to construct and write a newsletter you will be on your way to publishing your first newsletter in no time.

Get Started

A minister/pastor's article is important.
Get approval from your minister/pastor to publish a newsletter in your local church. Decide if the newsletter will be e-mailed or sent through regular mail. Handing out the newsletter before church will work too. Enlist your minister/pastor's help by asking if the minister/pastor will submit an uplifting, spiritual article each month. Ask permission to edit the submitted article for content and for the space allowed. If permission is not granted you may need to take it back for a final draft.

Welcome Statement
Write a short welcome statement to new members in your church and thank them for choosing to begin their church life in your congregation. Thank the members for making your church warm and welcoming. Invite those who are looking for a church "home" to join your membership and explain how they can do so. Each church's member requirements will be different so ask your pastor for information on this subject.

Write an Article

Ask for Information
Get information on upcoming events such as seminars offered, Sunday School Teachers Meetings, Trustee Meetings and banquets, fundraisers, etc. Find out what the offering and attendance was for the previous month and post it in the newsletter. Include dates of special holidays such as Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Administrative Assistant Day and others.

Do a Bio
Ask Sunday School teachers to fill out a form on how long they have been teaching, what grade they teach and why they like teaching. Make copies and hand out. Publish one a month in your newsletter so the members can get to know who teaches their children.

Make the Readers Laugh
Go online and find a good, clean, joke or picture. Get permission to reprint before you cut and paste it into the newsletter. Jokes about a minister/pastor always get good laughs as does anything to do with church life. With a little research you will find countless images to use.