Managing a Spiritualist Center

How to Organize and Write a Church Newsletter

A church newsletter helps keep your congregation up to date with recent church news, vital statistics, and other information. It can also serve as a powerful marketing tool for the organization. Starting a church newsletter should not be a problem, but writing one can be without some basic organization.

Form a church newsletter committee with the minister/pastor's approval. Assign a director or leader for the effort.

Use the committee to decide how large the newsletter needs to be, how often it needs to be published, and how to publish it. This all depends on the size of the congregation and your budget. Some churches start small with a pamphlet sized quarterly newsletter.

Assign committee members to write, edit and design the newsletter. If you use desktop publishing, you will still need someone to arrange all of the text, photos and layouts. Coordinate with your church board to ensure that the contents are in keeping with the ministry of your church. A short newsletter may only include the latest church news (youth events, programs and classes). A longer one may include in-depth interviews of church leaders and programs, recipes, family and parenting tips, spiritual growth articles.

Use professional graphics in the letter. Avoid mixing typefaces, comic fonts, excessive caps and exclamation marks. Insert proper spacing between lines. The newsletter must be visually appealing for older readers, and many of these items are designed for children.

Distribute the newsletter at church and by mail. Many older church members, or shut-ins, may rely on the newsletter to keep up with church activities.