Managing a Spiritualist Center

Ideas for Making a Church Grow
By:Chelsei Henderson

Growing the congregation of your church means spreading the message far afield. Reaching out to residents in the communities surrounding the church through a variety of activities can bring new members to your door.

Community Events
Church growth happens when you reach out into the community and interest others in what your church does. Do this by hosting events geared toward non-church members in the community surrounding your church. Ask your members to bring unwanted items such as clothing, furniture and toys to the church then prepare a weekend yard sale. Alternatively, you could host a community barbecue. Invite the community to enjoy the food, participate in games and get to know those who attend.

Local Advertising
Local advertising can be done through a variety of platforms. Check into print publications, for example the local newspaper, that provide free advertising space or ad placements for a small fee to church groups. Advertise the name of the church, address and service times. Also include a greeting and invitation to the readers. Local radios often offer a means of advertising to local churches within the station's community. Call the station and inquire about advertising your church. Include the same information in the radio advertisement as in a print ad.

Volunteering provides an effective way to show love to the less fortunate in the community. Volunteer work helps others, and gets the word out about your church. Many local communities have food banks. Organize a group from the church to volunteer on a regular basis. If you want to volunteer individually, companies that deliver lunches to the elderly often need friendly faces to help in making the deliveries.