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USA - Minnesota - Grey Eagle
Retreat:Olive Branch Retreat <info@olivebranchretreat.com>

Spiritual getaways; location can make all the difference. The Olive Branch Retreat is a place with potent energy. Both the building and natural setting at the Olive Branch make it easy to be silent or to be heard. Enjoy the seclusion of central Minnesota, the beauty of nature, and the comfort of the Olive Branch while connecting with spirit and with self. This former convent comes complete with quiet lake, serene wooded walk, and in-house chapel and has been refurbished with a cozy 'old world' aesthetic. Whether practicing yoga, tai chi, qi gong, or simply meditating, our guests rave about the peace and love they can feel at the Olive Branch Retreat. With space for up to 21 overnight guests we can accommodate families, spiritual groups, and gatherings of friends. We supply the venue, then help you customize your retreat. We connect you with a variety of practitioners including intuitives, Reiki practitioners, massage and healing touch practitioners, angel readers,Shaman and more to create each individual experience.