Spiritual Retreats

Germany - Koln
Retreat:Indianer Center <turtlefirewalker@yahoo.com>

Shamanic rituals and spiritual ceremonies:
of the cherokee indian offered in koln germany
Spiritual Retreat all year long
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a list of programs we have at our center
HISKOLIYA - Chereokee Body Work
Inyan Pejuta -> Stone Massage says, stone medicine
Animal Communication Massage
Indian Animal Communication
Animal Communication for download as pdf
Soul Retrieval as a pdf
Indian wellness for download as pdf
Working as a medium
Medium sweat lodge
Medicine healing stick ceremony, with media trance
Reading - Reading
Trance Meditation
Native American healing trance drum
Trance healing in the group
Sing and drum workshop - Learn Native Songs - Sing in Harmony in the Native way
Spiritual drums and chanting - The Native Way
Dream Holidays
various ceremonies
Healing ceremonies
Sound Healing
power water ceremony
Sweatlodge Schwitzhüttenbau Download as PDF
Schwitzhüttenleiter - Workshop with certificate
Irish sweat lodges Workshop; information on the Irish Schwitzüttenworkshop download as PDF
Medicine Wheel Medium sweat lodge
Flower sweat lodge ceremony, sweat lodge ceremony flowers
Totem sweat lodge
Veterinary medicine lodge
Medicine Wheel Ceremonies
Compensation of the Medicine Wheel
Indian wellness
Indian wedding ceremonies, shamanic wedding ceremonies for each orientation
Funeral ceremonies
burial of blood stone - funeral ceremony
releasing ceremony - liberation ceremony
House Blessing
Medicine Reiki - Shamanic Energies
Angels work
Angel Energy Conference
Stone Healing
Crystal Healing
Crystal Healing for Animals
Spring energy
Water Sound Energy
Ghost hunt
Curse removal
Luck ritual
Spiritual Mud
Shamanic Journeying, Spiritual Travel
little people ritual - Little people Ritual (stone people)
Drum and rattle healing
Read the Kraftiers
Fire Ceremonies
Drum circle
Women's rite of passage
Dream consulting
Tapa wankaye yapi - The throwing of the stone ceremony - symbolizes heaven and earth come together, God's energy
Henblecha unkapi - Web of Life Ceremony Lakota - Lakota web of life ceremony
Wiweryag wachipi hunkapi hanblecha - Turn the earth by the voice of the drum - turning the earth with the voice of the drum (the good future contact)