Spiritual Retreats

UK - North Wales - Wrexham
Retreat:Alexandria Connections <healerbarb1@aol.com>

My name is Barbara Allen, I live in a riverside country setting, along the River Clywedog. A Sanctuary in touch with nature and well being.

I run from my home an Egyptan Healing Retreat, where people come to escape from everyday life, a true get away to indulge with pampering, relaxation, stress management, egyptian healing rod therapy, hot stone massage, facials, meditation and many more, depending on your needs.

We also run a Bed and Breakfast Retreat. www.songoftheriver.co.uk.

Anyone who is on their spiritual path, then here is a pure example of getting in touch with yourself. We are aligned to the Pleiades (Leg of the Bull) in the night sky, we have a portal of light energy here, we actually mirror the leg of the bull, our land is exactly the same shape. I have written a book also called (Mirror Images and Keys of Connection)

We can offer, full days, half days, 2 hour sessions, Bed and Breakfast and can adadpt to anyones needs who need longer time out stays.

Thank you
Barbara Allen 01978 754198