Spiritual Retreats

USA - Pennsylvania - Saylorsburg, 5/10/2013 through 5/12/2013:
Retreat:Divine Heart Center <services@divineheartcenter.com>

2013 Summer Reiki Raja Yoga Retreat 5/10/2013 through 5/12/2013

Shailesh Kumar, Parul Bansal US - Northeast: Saylorsburg, PA

Get initiated into the powerful path of Reiki Raja Yoga offered by the Divine Heart Center. A healing retreat that will immerse you into Divine Grace and Divine Will.

Retreat features:
- Hours of Reiki Raja Yoga instruction, techniques and meditation.
- A combined Level 1 and Level 2 initiation is provided at the retreat. This is an opportunity to accelerate your learning and progress.
- Learn techniques for self-healing and healing others, creating a spiritual protection shield, encoding life improving affirmations and empowered Kriya Yoga meditations

Location of this Retreat:
651 Route 115
Saylorsburg, PA 18353
United States
Website: divineheartcenter.com/2013summerretreat