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Spirit Possession: Be Careful of Negative Energy
By:Jim Cassa

Spirit possession is nasty stuff. You have to be careful of negative energy yet there are many challenges for the one who suffers from a malfunction of spirit.

You see this kind of spiritual victim really IS a victim in the real sense of the word. Another entity has control over much of their mind, body, and spirit. It seems like someone else is in charge of their life and this is true! Someone ELSE really is in control when it comes to spirit possession.

The one who finds themselves in this sorrowful condition is at the mercy of mind hacking, that is some other entity has hacked into their minds and now overrides much of the destiny of the individual. Plus the entity who controls the one possessed uses thought transference to inject the kind of thinking IT wants into everyday life situations. Not a good position to be in at all!

How does the negative energy manifest? In many different ways and one example is it can lead to a dead end career that takes you nowhere. You waste time and energy, get disappointed with the workplace, and it destroys your hopes.

If one is overwhelmed with negative energy is takes away soul power and the ability to think clearly. It is when we are in this mind state that terrible decisions are made!

Negative energy concentrates around certain people and places. You can often feel the vibes of a location. Have you ever been to a haunted house? You can feel the cold, damp, rooms as you enter the ghost ridden place. You may even feel a presence around you though you are unable to see it. Some call this a ghost or a spirit manifestation.

Do your energy a favor and avoid places of a dense, and lower vibration. This kind of heavy energy only pulls you down anyway and does nothing for your creativity or soul purpose. Besides, there is enough negative energy in the world now it is time to make some positive changes!

While we are on the topic of negative energy have you ever entered a home where a fight has just happened. You can cut the air with a knife! How about a workplace when someone is fired? Notice the vibe of the room while all of the coworkers fear the same might happen to them! It is a heavy atmosphere and the air is full of fear thoughts. I call thought energy thought forms.

You are lucky if you chance to find another who has already fixed themselves from spirit infestation. That is they have ejected the bad spirit and are now clear and free from its negative influence. They can then guide you on the right path. Though rare there are some of these folks around.

Let me say it is possible to remove a spirit after it has taken over a human being but I also must tell you it is not easy. Far from it. It is difficult to do. It takes a lot of determination, knowledge, a strong positive support system around you if it is going to work. So what is my opinion? If you find yourself in this challenging and frightening situation try to get out of it, it does take guts, and when you are clear of the negative influence life really begins anew.

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