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Spirit Attachment Removal
By:Poppy Balfour

Spiritual attachment is widely controversial and misunderstood. Different than demonic possession or attachment, which is considered to be much more dangerous and difficult to get rid of, spiritual attachment is much more common, much less dangerous and far easier to fix with a very simple meditation.

Removing a Spirit Attachment

Black candles are often mistakenly considered a form of Satanic magic.
Beside your bathtub, light the black and white candles and begin to draw yourself a warm bath. As the water is filling, take several deep breaths in and out your nose while you clear your mind and start to relax.

Common household salt is one of the most practical items to use during any purification.
Immerse yourself in the water and begin to scrub your body with the salt. Start at the crown of your head and work your way to your feet. Use gentile, circular motions until all of the salt has been used and has saturated through the water.

The bathroom is a quiet, private space that you can use to remove your spiritual attachment.
Lie back in the tub and take several more deep breaths, in and out your nose. As you breathe, close your eyes and picture yourself surrounded by a white orb of light. With each breath that you take, imagine that the light is growing brighter and relax your muscles even more.

If you have trouble picturing the orb, just think of it as a small sun that surrounds your body.
When you feel ready, and you can imagine the orb of light very clearly, pull the plug on the bathtub and, as the water is draining, feel like all of your negative feelings and anxiety about this spiritual attachment, and the attachment itself, are being pulled down the drain along with the water.