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Can I Tell If My House Is Haunted?
By:Nina Makofsky

Perhaps you hear a thump in the night, or items mysteriously disappear and reappear. Some people blame their kids or the neighbors, but other people suspect that a paranormal force or presence is haunting the house. There are several common signs people cite for suspecting their houses are haunted and many tools on the market that can help you engage in your own ghost hunt.

Physical Signs
The first signs that a house might be haunted are typically physical phenomena that cannot be logically explained. You might observe moving objects or hear voices or sounds from empty rooms. Many people find hot spots or cool spots at certain places in their houses that have nothing to do with the ambient temperature. Some people feel the sensation of their hair being pulled or someone blowing on their neck from behind when no one is nearby. There may be a sense of a presence just out of your line of vision, but when you check, you see nothing. The lights, television or other electronic devices may flicker or turn off suddenly. You may find your children or babies looking at or attempting to communicate with someone you do not see. Pets may look at an empty area or act nervous around a particular spot. You may find scratches or bruises on your body and have no knowledge of how you got them. Swirling lights, twinkling lights, mist, moving shadows and strange shapes may suddenly appear inside or near the exterior of your house.

Detection Tools
If you suspect your house is haunted, there are several tools on the market that are similar to those used on paranormal shows such as the reality show "Ghost Hunters." One of the most popular tools is a night vision scope, which can be used to record the physical appearance of apparitions in a dark room. An infrared motion sensor hooked to a camera takes infrared digital photographs when the sensor is tripped. Use an infrared thermometer designed to read surface temperatures to register cold or hot spots in your house. Record all your findings in a journal, noting the date, time and any surrounding physical evidence.

Psychic Readings
Some people use a professional intuitive, such as a psychic or a medium, to determine if a house is haunted. This method assumes that you believe in the particular psychic's abilities in sensing paranormal activity. A medium may use one or a combination of several techniques to identify a haunting or communicate with the paranormal forces haunting the house. Channeling involves conveying the ghost's voice or presence. Clairalience is the use of smell to identify paranormal presence, while clairaudience is using hearing. Mediumship is communicating between the earthly and spirit worlds. Clairvoyance is seeing beyond normal human perception. Clairgustance is tasting without using the mouth. Clairsentience is sensing beyond the average range of perception. Claircognizance is like intuition---knowing without obvious evidence. Remote viewing involves seeing a different place other than the one where you currently are. Past-life viewing is seeing a person's past life. Empathic abilities make a medium highly sensitive to others' thoughts, emotions and experiences.