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Cleansing Your Energy Field with a Sage Smudge Stick

Sage is an aromatic plant that has been used for centuries to bless, heal and cleanse people, objects and space. The aromatic smoke of a burning bundle of sage, called a smudge stick, can be used to "wash" outside energies from the energy field that surrounds ones physical body. This can be done before a special event or when entering a sacred space, such as home. Learn here how to work with a smudge stick effectively.

Cleansing yourself with sage smoke:

Take a few deep breaths and focus yourself. Light the end of the stick over a bowl or container, holding the flame until the leaves catch fire. Gently blow out the flames. The stick should be smoking now.

Using a feather or your hand, begin to direct the smoke around your body. There is no "right" way to do this, so just follow your inner guidance, or start from the bottom up. Direct the smoke to your feet and then move up towards your heart.

Say a prayer, state an intention or call in any spirit guides or helpers, asking them to help "clear" you. Continue directing the smoke around the front, back and sides of your body.

Take your time. When you are cleansing your upper body, circle the sage stick around your head. Direct the smoke over the top over your crown.

When you feel complete, extinguish the sage stick by gently pushing the end of the stick into a burn-proof container. You can use sand in the container to help snuff the stick out.