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How to Cleanse Your House of Spirits
By:Remy Lo

Moving into different homes can often mean that the energy left behind by people who once lived there can still be lingering. In the paranormal and Christian world, these are called spirits. While some spirits are believed to be good, bad spirits can have serious negative affects on your life. Cleansing spirits from your house will yield a calmer environment that is more livable without negative influence.

Anoint your house. Christians commonly use blessed oil, such as olive oil and water, to anoint objects. When you are anointing your home, pay special attention to entry and exit ways. You should also anoint places you feel the influence of the spirits most. Other ways of anointing can include using smoke from objects such as incense or candles.

Pray over heavily infected areas. Meditation, well-wishing and conventional spoken prayer are all ways of praying over areas where spirits linger the most. Pause at these areas after anointing the entire house, and pray or meditate a prayer that the spirits leave.

Cast out evil spirits. Some spirits will be more stubborn to banish than others. When this is the case, you must take the time to identify the nature of the spirit. Calling the spirit out will allow the spirit to know that you are speaking directly to it. After you do this, you must bind the spirit through rebuke. Saying words such as "spirits of violence leave this home now" or similar phrases should do the trick. Telling them by whose authority you are speaking, such as "in the name of Christ" or similar phrases, will also help cast out the spirit while simultaneously letting it know it is uninvited.

Refuse their influence. Spirits will struggle after they are bound many of the times. This means that they will try to do a great deal of mischief when leaving an abode. Refusing the spirits influence over you by strengthening your will and resolve is necessary at this point. This will help you to avoid spiritual warfare that can have some physical implications at times. Opening a physical path, such as a door or window, that allows for easy exiting of the spirit to the outside will usher them out of your home. This follows much of the same beliefs as lightning (energy) that looks for the path of least resistance to the ground.

Call a professional. Professional help from a spiritual advisor can be invaluable. Some religions based on Christianity, such as Catholicism, also believe that these types of rituals can only be performed by priests and evangelists. Spiritual advisors will help strengthen the process as well as add important advice.