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How to Cleanse the House With Sage
By:Corey M. Mackenzie

Cleansing a home, indoors and out, with sage is an old tradition among Native Americans and other cultures to rid a space of unwanted negative energy and replace it with clean, positive energy. Sometimes called "smudging" or blessing a space, cleansing a home with sage is not difficult--but it helps to do it with a positive frame of mind. In addition, take sensible precautions that you'd follow whenever you deal with flames and smoke.

Light the end of a white sage stick with a lighter. Blow on the flame gently until the end is glowing and starting to smoke.

Hold the sage stick with one hand, allowing the end to smolder. Hold a ceramic dish in your other hand to catch any falling embers.

Calm your mind and think peaceful, positive things. In the first room, set the ceramic dish down for a moment. Stand in the center of the room with the burning sage in your hand.

Traditions vary on whether to to begin in a north, south, east or west direction. Many start in the north and work clockwise. Physically walk around the room or simply wave your hand over the smoke to push it in each direction.

Visit each room with the sage and repeat Step 3. Remember to open closet doors and cleanse those areas as well as other small spaces.

Give thanks (to a deity, for example) according to your traditions. Next, immerse the end of the sage stick in water or a bowl of sand to put out the fire.